Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13

On this day, in 2016, The 3-K Brotherhood - a faith-based not-for-profit whose mission statement is, "To achieve and maintain Physical Fitness, Pride, and American Values, by way of the 3-K principles: Keeping fit, Keeping proud, Keeping American." - held a sit-in at Om's Aksaha Yoga Studio and Meditation Sanctuary, in San Francisco's Haight District. The protestors, who had flown in from Orange County to take part in this call-to-action, staged the sit-in to call attention to one of their main political initiatives: that English be adopted as the official language of the American fitness community. A 3-K Brotherhood spokesperson granted an interview to KTVU news, wherein he remarked, "We love and support any activity that helps achieve physical perfection. It's not yoga, as a practice, that we have an objection to. What we want to know is how come it's nearly impossible to walk into a yoga studio outside of Huntington Beach or Fullerton, without hearing, "Namaste"? Yoga has been widely practiced in America for nearly 3 decades, and is as American as apple pie. I don't know what "Namaste" means, and I don't want to. I don't have to, because this is America, damn it."

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