Saturday, March 4, 2017

March 4

On this date in 2014 Professor Margery Talbot, PhD, of Bethesda, MD, landed in Havana, Cuba. As a member of a group of American academic scholars that had been granted a special waiver to travel to the embargoed nation, she was to lead a session at an international conference on cultural diversity. The conditions she encountered were shocking, to say the least: American cigarettes available only at super-inflated prices on the black market, no cable television at her hotel, and no Uber. She dealt bravely with the situation at hand, until she discovered there was not a single Starbucks on the island, and that she was expected to start her day by drinking the cafe con leche enjoyed by the locals, instead of her customary non-dairy chai latte with extra hot soy foam, three dollops of agave, and a hint of nutmeg. Upon this discovery, Professor Talbot cancelled her plenary session at the conference and booked passage on the next plane back to the US, via Toronto. 

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