Saturday, March 18, 2017

March 18

On this day, in 2002,  at a meeting of the Birmingham, Alabama chapter of The Sons of The Confederacy, Beau Wilkins asked that he be allowed to address an issue not on the formal agenda. Wilkins took to the podium and, to the outrage of his fellow SotC members, described in detail a website he had recently discovered, which was called "White Whining." The site, he explained, seemed have its basis in the racist stereotype that people of pure, white extraction were entitled, overly sensitive, spoiled, and prone to dramatic outbursts over the smallest mishap, inconvenience, failure or criticism.Wilkins made motions that a petition to have the owner of the site - Happy Fun Satire Media, Inc. - be officially branded a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and that a class action suit be filed against Happy Fun Satire Media for emotional damages suffered by white people who had read their anti-white propaganda. The Birmingham chapter of SotC voted unanimously in favor of both motions, and gave Wilkins a standing ovation for his commitment to freedom and justice, no matter what the cost. 

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