Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15

On this day, in 1975, Baltimore police officer Gavin Mitchell pulled a gun on a man he spotted who fit the description of suspect in a Park Avenue/Chinatown mugging.  Dr. Jin Wah Fu, a world-renowned oncologist who had given the key note address at an international medical conference at Johns Hopkins Medical Center, was taking an after-dinner walk, when he found himself being pushed against a wall and a gun jabbed into his back, as handcuffs were placed on him. Dr. Fu made an effort to turn around and show his conference badge to identify himself and clear up the case of mistaken identity. Not about to fall prey to the obvious attempt at using martial arts to avoid arrest, the ever-alert Officer Mitchell immediately cold-cocked the unruly suspect with the butt of his revolver. Mitchell called for an ambulance, and rode along with the unconscious suspect, who he had handcuffed to the gurney. Upon arriving at the Johns Hopkins E.R., Dr. Fu's conference badge was discovered by a nurse, who recognized his name as that of the key note speaker at the event, and alerted Officer Mitchell that a grave mistake had been made. The cuffs were taken off of Dr. Fu, and he was wheeled down the hall for a complete neurological exam. Mitchell cursed his luck, as he realized he would have to file a lengthy incident report, and would almost certainly get home too late to see that week's episode of SWAT. 

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