Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 8

On this day in 1987, Marco and Maria Sanchez were forced to move out of the Fort Greene, Brooklyn apartment - which they had called home since 1960, and where they had raised their three children - when the building's new owner raised the rent by $500 a month. Before they had even moved out, the apartment was rented to Jefferey and Faith Carroway, a young couple who had moved to NYC from Durham, North Carolina. Upon moving in, the Carroways were horrified to discover that their back yard-facing window revealed a series of clothes lines used by neighboring families. Worse, still: when they kept their windows open, the aroma of curried potatoes wafted up from the roti shop on the corner of Carlton and Myrtle avenues. After less than a month, the Carroways decided they could no longer put up with subpar living conditions, sublet the apartment to a group of airline stewardesses, and rented a small house in Westport Connecticut.

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